Royal Watchers Should Visit London In August: Royal Residences and Tours Available at the End of Summer

A Royal-Watcher's Guide to the UK | Far & Wide

A Royal-Watcher's Guide to the UK | Far & Wide

  1. Frogmore House – This palatial estate is not technically a royal palace but it is owned by the crown and the royals do occasionally use the home for various functions. Frogmore was a favorite place for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and this is their final resting place. King Edward VIII often spent weekends here while he was the Prince of Wales and he is also buried here along with his wife, the notorious American-born Duchess of Windsor.
  2. Buckingham Palace – if the Queen’s Standard isn’t flying above then you are cordially invited to come in and look around. Each room seems to be more beautiful than the last. The official opening days this year are July 26th – Sept. 30th.
  3. Clarence House – formerly the home of England’s favorite granny, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and now home to Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, and HRH the Princes William and Harry. The Prince of Wales has refurbished the home but keep everything as it was when his grandmother lived here. Open from Aug. 5th-Sept. 27th.
  4. On August 31st, the Original London walks company pays tribute to the late Princess Diana by revisiting places that were significant in her life. The flat where she lived as a bachelorette, Kensington Palace where she lived after her marriage, and the memorial pond dedicated to her in Kensington Gardens are three of the sites on the tour. For more information check out the Explorer Days section at
  5. Althorp House – the final resting place of Princess Diana. In addition to touring a large portion of the Spencer family home, ticket admission grants you entrance to a special museum dedicated to the life of the Princess of Wales and you may view the tiny island where she is buried. The trip to Northampton takes about 45 minutes via express train then a short taxi ride or bus trip will take you to the entrance of the home. Open to the public from Diana’s birthday (July 1st) until Aug. 30th. Visitor information is available at


Many Royal Attractions Open Year-Round

The Queen’s Gallery which houses various works of art owned by the royal family and the Royal Mews where the Queen’s cars, coaches, and horses are kept are also open. One ticket can buy admission to Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s Gallery and the Royal Mews. If you would rather avoid the crowds, special evening guided tours are being offered this summer at Buckingham Palace.

Kensington Palace which features fabulous revolving exhibits such the royal wedding dress collection is open to the public for most of the year.

The royal scepter, orb, and crowns should not be missed as well as the tour of the Tower of London.

A short side trip to Hampton Court Palace is accessible via the tube. Special exhibits are being offered this year as it is the 500th anniversary of King Henry VIII’s ascension to the throne.

Ticket prices, hours of admission and information regarding special exhibits for all royal residences are available at

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